The following videos were created as part of the NYC Department of Small Business Services’ Neighborhood 360° program, in partnership with BRIC Arts Media. They provide an overview of some of the places and people that make the Downtown Staten Island neighborhoods of St. George, Tompkinsville, and Stapleton special. We have a lot to explore, see, and do - see for yourself!


three diverse neighborhoods…

Downtown Staten Island includes the neighborhoods of St. George, Tompkinsville, and Stapleton on the northeast shore of Staten Island. Connected by the Bay Street corridor, the neighborhoods are home to a diversity of restaurants, attractions, and small businesses. Lifelong Downtown Staten Island resident, Natasha Spearman-Isip, shares a quick overview of the neighborhoods she loves.

…Kept clean and beautiful…

For over a year, Elvis served as the clean ambassador of Downtown Staten Island, ensuring the streets were kept clean and beautiful each week. He joined the team after supplemental sanitation was identified as a major need along the Bay Street corridor by local merchants, property owners, and residents.

The community took notice of Elvis - whether through the #SayHiToElvis social media campaign or through his day-to-day hard work on Bay Street - and welcomed him with open arms! StreetPlus, contracted by the Chamber, continues to keep Downtown Staten Island clean and beautiful.

…with community-minded people…

The Angiuli Group, led by father-son duo Gary and Sam Angiuli, is an example of a local real estate organization that strives to empower the community with its development in Downtown Staten Island. By working symbiotically with local merchants and entrepreneurs, the Angiuli’s show how development can be a positive force in our community.

With the allure of Downtown Staten Island catching the eye of more and more developers, the Angiuli Group’s innovative, community-based approach serves as an important model.

…and a vibrant creative scene.

Who said we don’t have an arts scene in Staten Island? Elizabeth Bennett and Gena Mimozo of Staten Island Arts debunk this myth with a tour of Downtown Staten Island that shows the variety of local businesses and hangouts inspired by artists, entrepreneurs, and the creative community.

From St. George, through Tompkinsville, down to Stapleton - Staten Islanders are expressing their passions through creativity and arts, and supporting one another’s efforts to do so!