One of the oldest waterfront neighborhoods on Staten Island, Stapleton was built in the 1830s on land previously owned by the wealthy Vanderbilt family.  The newly upgraded waterfront offers a mix of parkland and views of both lower Manhattan and the Verrazano Bridge.

In Stapleton, vibrant street art and multicultural shops are the norm.  It’s home to New York City's only indoor skatepark open to the public.  The launch of the Staten Island MakerSpace has solidified the neighborhood as a hub for artists, entrepreneurs, and anyone with a knack for creativity.

Stapleton surrounds historic Tappen Park, giving it a distinctive town-square feel, and lays claim to a diversity of restaurants, including an American-style diner and a Gastropub, as well as Sri Lankan, Mexican, and Italian eateries.


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5050 Skatepark

Ed Pollio & Angelica Popolano

Not your average “mom and pop” shop, 5050 SkatePark in Stapleton is more than just a cutting edge location for skateboarders and BMX bikers to enjoy their sport.  It’s also a community hub, hosting events to raise funds for worthy causes and promoting other local businesses and artists.  That’s due to the tireless efforts of husband and wife team Ed Pollio and Angelica Popolano, who custom-built the 8,000 square foot recreation center as the only indoor skatepark in New York City.  They live and work in the neighborhood and are dedicated to helping it thrive.  Recently, they donated a custom-made, 7-foot tall, 3-D replica of the new “Downtown Staten Island” logo to the Chamber, which is now displayed at the tourism kiosk at the St. George ferry terminal for all to enjoy.



visit the neighborhood

Historic mansions dot the neighborhood, along with stylish, glass rental complexes.  Artist workshops and studios sit alongside international restaurants.  Public parks and spaces host a variety of events.  This eclectic neighborhood has something for everyone.


"It's so exciting that the downtown staten island corridor has a new visual brand identity and that neighborhood stakeholders and partners all contributed to the final concept; what better way to tell the rich history and identity of this special community than from staten islanders themselves."

Fred Cerullo, Resident

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what to do

  • EAT your way through the globe—Nigerian, Italian, Sri Lankan, & Mexican to name a few highlights
  • DRINK from an extensive wine list at Vinum
  • SHOP at a variety of boutique clothing stores & markets
  • RELAX at the waterfront park on Front Street
  • VISIT a makerspace & gallery—take a ring making class or utilize the workshop's welding, woodworking and 3D printing facilities.

District Map

Check out our new Downtown Staten Island District Map for a guide to some of New York City's best kept secrets and hidden gems.