Founded by former U.S. Vice President Daniel D. Tompkins and once the site of a Naval Frontier base, Tompkinsville faces New York Harbor between St. George and Stapleton.

You’ll see mainly single-family homes built in the early 20th century and an appealing commercial node around Tompkinsville Park. 

Tompkinsville is demographically and culturally diverse and is home to one of the largest Sri Lankan communities outside of the country.  This "Little Sri Lanka" has a fast-growing culinary reputation.


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"With the Neighborhood 360 degree program, we invested in the future of key commercial corridors and now, the Commercial Corridor Challenge will go a long way to continue this momentum."

Gregg Bishop, Commissioner of the NYC Department of Small Business Services | Source: New vibrant, eclectic dining hub being created on Bay Street



what's in the neighborhood


Community Services

  • NYC Human Resources Admin.
  • H.E.A.P. and NYC Taxi & Limousine Commission
  • SI LGBT Center

Food & Drink

  • Flagship Brewery
  • Subway (sandwich shop)
  • Key Food
  • Daddy O's BBQ
  • M&K Spanish Restaurant

Shops & Markets

  • Bay Beauty Supply

  • S.I. Beauty Supply

  • Everything Goes Book Café

  • Next Level Cuts & Clothes

  • Rent-A-Center

Professional Services

  • Bay Dental at the Pointe

  • Prompt Urgent Care

  • Metro PCS

  • Home Care Services

  • Cobra Sun Recording Studio